I am  happy to offer you a range of workshops & consulting service.

Main topics regarding GRASSHOPPER:
  • Generative-Parametric-adaptive design
  • Architecture
  • Machine (robot, CNC, 3d printer…) programmation & control
  • Motion capture (body – hands – objects)
  • Data management
  • AI
  • Kinect-LEAP-Arduino-Webcam-UPD-OSC control
Main topics regarding Robotics (mainly KUKA & ABB ):
  • Robot cell conception
  • Programmation
  • Movement strategies
  • Machining techniques
  • Process optimisation
Main topics regarding 3D printing:
  • Printer conception & construction; Build your own machine!
  • Getting  optimal results
  • Programmation


Languages are English, French or German. Workshops duration is normally between 3 and 8 hours per day


Past Workshops:
Past speeches & Talks:
  • @Fraunhofer IPK: Leistungssteigerung durch neue Technologien und Anlagen

    -PDF_Frauhofer IPK-
  • @Artis GmbH: New opportunities thanks to Robotics

Speech Artis GmbH